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  • Carbolite Gero Ashing Furnace with Integrated Balance

Carbolite Gero Ashing Furnace with Integrated Balance

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For many the ability to perform Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) is a requirement.

Weight changes to the sample are monitored during the ashing process and Carbolite Gero’s ashing furnace with integrated balance (AAF-BAL) can be used for ‘Loss On Ignition’ applications to determine the organic matter content in such materials as sediment, sludge, soil and waste. Inorganic materials such as cement, lime, calcinated bauxite and refractories can also be measured.

The AAF-BAL ashing furnace can reach up to 1100ºC with heating elements protected by silicon carbide tiles. It has a 17 litre capacity with a standard capacity of 3Kg with a resolution of 0.01g. The integrated balance (choice of balance available) runs independently of the furnace control system. The furnace itself can be supplied with a range of sophisticated digital controller, programmers and loggers depending on user requirements and has designed and manufactured to meet exacting standards.

AAF-BAL - Soil Analysis Example

In a recent test the AAF-BAL, fitted with a Eurotherm nanodac controller, was used to measure and log small weight differences (mg) during the ashing of a 5.02g organic soil sample.

The furnace had a target temperature of 550ºC with a ramp rate of 15 K/min. Once the target temperature was achieved it was held for 20 minutes and throughout there was a continuous logging of the set temperature, the measured furnace temperature and the weight of the sample.

For more information on the comprehensive range of ashing furnaces including the AAF-BAL with integrated balance please see the Carbolite Gero website.

To view the comprehensive range of ashing furnaces manufactured by Carbolite Gero please see here.

For an animated explanation of ashing with a catalytic afterburner please click here.

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