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Clean Chemistry Tools for Atomic Spectroscopy

Sep 03 2019 Read 500 Times

Discover how to achieve the low analytical blanks necessary to produce good ICP/ICP-MS data.

There is a growing awareness that sample preparation should evolve to the same standards of newest analytical techniques, such as ICP-MS providing a number of factors that can make critical impact on analysis quality:

  • Purity of the reagents
  • Cleanliness of the material in contact with the sample
  • Sample preparation method

All these factors are related to reduction and control of analytical blank.

By applying the principles of Clean Chemistry, excellent analytical data can be generated from digested samples in a non-cleanroom environment using a microwave—even at ICP-MS levels, provided the necessary steps are taken. In addition to good technique and careful handling, the use of high-purity acid for digestion, correct choice of digestion vessel material, and care in vessel cleaning are all key to achieving the low analytical blanks necessary to produce good analytical data.

Milestone has recently published a book titled “Think Blank” in which we discuss how to control contaminations and modern strategies for microwave-assisted sample preparation. Discussions comprehend digestions with diluted acid solutions, microwave-assisted evaporation, microwave vessels with inserts, vapor phase microwave digestion, and single reaction vessel. Modern procedures for sample preparation fully compatible with multielement determinations are presented and experimental data are shown. Instruments and accessories for implementing these strategies are presented. The goal of the authors was to produce a readable text for practical analysts and for everyone interested in the evolution of sample preparation strategies.

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