• How Can Samples be Tracked Securely?
    OEM version of 2D barcoded tube scanners and rack readers.

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How Can Samples be Tracked Securely?

Jun 15 2021

The need for samples to be collected, processed, stored, and tracked properly in order for testing and research to be conducted properly is essential. Inaccurate sample management and documentation means experiments will need to be repeated, ultimately and delaying research projects in development and costing money. 

Sample management application examples

•    Biobanking
•    compound library
•    pathology
•    COVID-19

As a leading international manufacturer of instruments for tracking samples through a laboratory workflow, Ziath offers a complete OEM design, development and supply service based upon its 15 years experience of creating high performance 2D barcoded tube scanners and rack readers for biobanking, compound library, pathology and COVID-19 sample management applications. The cutting-edge design and technology has benefitted other life science vendors and suppliers through Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) contracts.

Steve Knight, Commercial Director of Ziath commented: "The principal advantages of an OEM arrangement include reducing the time to market, reduced R&D expenditure compared to an in-house development and leveraging our proven and verified high performance designs.” 

He added: “Ziath offers several levels of customisation to our OEM clients. The simplest scenario involves rebranding of one of our off-the-shelf products whereby the client’s branding is applied to the instrument and documentation. The opening ‘splash’ screen of the control software can also carry the client's branding. A more sophisticated OEM arrangement is available whereby a standard product can be supplied in the client’s own house colours, with their own branding and serial number labels. In these first two OEM arrangements all regulatory responsibilities and documents retain Ziath as the manufacturer. We also offer fully-customised and unique product design and development tailoring the proven sample tracking performance of its base instrument exactly to a client’s needs. In this OEM arrangement, all labelling, branding, documentation and software is transformed into the client’s brand identity. In addition, the regulatory requirements, such as ISO and CE certification, are transferred to the client, with full supporting documentation, for the client to register in their own name. All file structures are customised to remove Ziath reference and the unit can be ‘locked’ to only operate with the client’s own software.”

Steve Knight concluded: "While our existing OEM arrangements have been with life science focused organisations, there is also scope for suppliers to the agriculture, fisheries and food markets to take advantage of our experience and proven technological solutions. In these industry sectors - 2D barcodes are being increasingly used to tag individual fish, poultry and cattle.”

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