• Dual Research Grants Support Aspiring Scientists at ISSCR 2023
    At ISSCR - L-R: Miriana Dardano and Kerstin Filippi.
  • Stem cells illustration. (courtesy: AMSBIO)

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Dual Research Grants Support Aspiring Scientists at ISSCR 2023

Aug 23 2023

AMSBIO, a pioneer in delivering advanced solutions and services to accelerate stem cell research, sponsored the participation of two promising life scientists at the recent ISSCR 2023 conference held in Boston, USA. Originally intended for a single researcher, AMSBIO doubled the grant fund and bestowed two awards owing to the exceptional calibre of the submitted entries. As a result, these aspiring scientists had the opportunity to attend the conference, showcase their work through poster presentations, and contribute to the scientific discourse.

Krystyna Joyce, AMSBIO’s Marketing Manager, said: “The entries were so impressive that we ended up sponsoring two winners instead of one: Kerstin Filippi, a doctoral student at the University of Bonn researching in BAG3-associated muscle diseases, and Miriana Dardano, a developmental biologist and doctoral student at the Hanover Medical School conducting research with blood-generating heart organoids.”

Miriana Dardano from the Zweigerdt Lab said: “It was great to be able to attend the conference. I loved attending the plenary sessions, especially the talks covering organoid-based technologies and advancements in embryogenesis, which were very pertinent to my research.” She added: “I sometimes found myself lost in this ocean of science, with overlapping sessions and complex topics, but in the end, I managed to swim around.”

Fellow travel grand award winner Kerstin Filippi from Dr Michael Hesse’s group was impressed by “How many important people in the field of stem cell research were there. I knew from the beginning that there were a lot of people who would be able to give me really helpful feedback and ideas for my work, and with whom I can connect for further projects.” She added: “I even found a new collaboration on investigating the heart specific cardiac phenotype of the Bag3P209L patient in more detail using organoids.”

Ms Joyce added “We are proud to support innovation in research and of our partnership with Miri and Kerstin. We are expecting wonderful things from them in the future!”

Visit the AMSBIO website to read the full interview with Kerstin Filippi and Miriana Dardano about their experiences, as well as to find out more about their research including Kerstin’s use of AMSBIO’s Skeletal Muscle Differentiation Kit.

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