• New Mass Spectrometers Achieves Greater Sensitivity and Spectral Quality

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New Mass Spectrometers Achieves Greater Sensitivity and Spectral Quality

Jul 12 2012

Waters Corporation have introduced two new additions to its popular line of Xevo mass spectrometers – the Xevo® G2-S QTof and Xevo G2-S Tof – for the first time bringing Waters proprietary StepWave™ ion optics technology to Waters® benchtop time-of-flight mass spectrometers. Equipped with StepWave’s unique, off-axis ion source technology, Xevo G2-S QTof and Xevo G2-S Tof mass spectrometers are up to 20x more sensitive than earlier generation instruments.

Waters' StepWave ion optics technology transfers ions from the ion source with the highest possible efficiency while actively filtering out undesirable neutral contaminants. As a result, MS signals are dramatically increased and, because critical components in the device stay clean for longer periods of time, quantitative results are more reproducible and laboratories experience less downtime due to routine cleaning and maintenance.

Previously available on only the Waters benchtop Xevo TQ-S tandem quadrupole and research-grade Synapt G2-S mass spectrometers, StepWave brings a new level of sensitivity performance - to the Xevo quadrupole time-of-flight and time-of-flight instruments. It combines with proven QuanTof™ technology to also deliver UPLC® compatible mass resolution, matrix-tolerant dynamic range, quantitative performance, mass accuracy and speed of analysis – simultaneously.

Since their introduction in 2008, Waters' Xevo mass spectrometers have distinguished themselves on the basis of their trademark simplicity and universal ion source architecture, giving scientists a wide selection of interchangeable ion sources best suited for the analysis at hand. All Xevo mass spectrometers also feature IntelliStart™ Technology, which automates MS resolution and calibration checks and monitors system performance during a run.

So whether the focus of research is on systems biology, biopharmaceutical characterisation, metabolite profiling, forensic toxicology, food analysis or environmental research, Xevo mass spectrometers allow scientists to make the right decisions quickly and confidently.

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