• Optimised MS with Mobile Lab

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

Optimised MS with Mobile Lab

Nov 09 2021

Real-time, On-line Mass Spectrometer

ACE 1100 Ion-Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometer (IMR-MS) is an optimised Real-time mass spectrometer for qualitative and quantitative analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) created by YOUNG IN ACE. Get the results quickly by loading the sample directly and can be operated simply through software. It can be used not only in the laboratory but also in the place where on-site analysis is required, and on-line monitoring is necessary.

How does ACE 1100 work with Mobile Lab?

ACE 1100 IMR-MS is mounted on a vehicle and analyse rapidly on the current spot, working as a Mobile Lab. It enables to minimise pollution and control the site through real-time analysis for quick response to dangerous situations.

  • On-site analysis where analysis is required, and immediate monitoring where monitoring is required
  • Real-time measurement and analysis of odor substances, hazardous air substances, fine dust, etc. while moving or stationary
  • Real-time mapping of pollution levels by pollutants using data visualisation and statistical processing software for integrated management of data
  • Real-time notification, interwork with other analysis equipment that users want, easy software operation allows users to use the database easily


  • FAST analysis
  1. Direct analysis, save time without sample preparation and separation procedures
  • REAL-TIME analysis
  1. Immediately getting a result with real-time analysis within tens of seconds
  • ACCURATE results
  1. Clear interpretation of results with simple mass spectrum
  2. Ionize the parent molecule itself using chemical ionization
  • ON-LINE monitoring
  1. Continues result acquisition(24hrs/7days)
  1. Mounted in vehicle for Mobile Lab
  2. Immediate analysis on-site
  1. Easy data processing with software
  2. Expert and beginner can operate easily

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